If you ask yourself - how am I going to get this all done, where will I put all this stuff, how long is it going to take me to sort it all out? Tranquil Moves & Estate Sales staff will take care of it all. We help you go through your prized possessions, making sure they are packed to go with you, are distributed to loved ones, sold, given to charity or removed. We arrange the times that are convenient for you and we work together to meet any deadlines. Taking the stress out of the process is what we do!


Moving can be a very stressful time both physically and emotionally but Tranquil Moves & Estate Sales will make it easier. We plan furniture placement, help you determine what will fit and what won't, pack your treasures and facilitate your move every step of the way. We will unpack and make your new home comfortable and familiar. If you or your loved one is moving into assisted living or nursing facility we make the move easier and more comfortable. You can do as much as you like-we do the rest!

Estate Sales

Taking all the items no longer wanted and making money from them is what we do. There are NO UPFRONT costs to having an estate sale. We sort, inventory, price, advertise and manage the sale. Our team is motivated to sell your items at the highest prices possible. If restricted communities or high rise buildings do not allow an onsite sale, we can arrange alternative methods. You don't have to clean out anything-we do it all!

Additional Services

Cleaning and Maintenance: Most properties need to be cleaned after moving. We can take care of that for you. The Tranquil Moves & Estate Sales team can clean the house from top to bottom to make it ready for sale. We can arrange for repairs and yard maintenance. A clean, maintained property will sell faster and for more money!

Home Staging and Home Sales: Experienced and accredited in home staging, we take all the best features of your home and showcase them. Licensed agents from our real estate company, Homes in Paradise Realty, Inc. will work to get the property sold. Linda Ogle, Broker.


Taking all the work out of the process assures peace of mind and smooth Tranquil Moves & Estate Sales.


Call us for a free consultation and a customized plan to meet your specific needs..